Ever since I was a young child, I have loved flying, particularly long-distance flights to see family across the world. Usually, I travel in the final row of economy seats - often on airlines that don’t seem to clean their planes very often. I have therefore come to expect broken saltines, cookies, and peanuts, or remnants of someone’s in-flight meal, on my seat. As a germaphobe, I brought sanitary wipes to clean off the worst offenses but in time this got to be too much of a hassle, particularly when there’s a very short layover. That’s why I’ve developed a simple solution, one that takes less than a minute to install but nonetheless ensures a pleasant traveling experience.
Nerithus travel barriers, named for the German god of travel, work on every major airline, as well as long-distance buses and trains. The fabric is a military-grade, parachute fabric that is non-rip, lightweight, durable and anti-bacterial. It is easy to use, carry, store and clean. Made in America, it’s also built to last.